Liaisons and

caseworkers are



Liaisons, caseworkers, and other staff members are crucial to the success of this project. Whether the youth is in or out of care, you are usually our best connections to them.


Every month, we send rosters to liaisons at every agency, district, and regional office with eligible NYTD youth. It is then the liaison's job to do two main things: 1) to provide us with any updates about the youth, including their most recent contact information, and 2) to communicate to caseworkers and other staff about ensuring completions with youth during their eligibility window. 


We do our best to update caseworkers as well, but it can be challenging to correctly identify and contact caseworkers. Because of this, we often depend on liaisons to provide important information to caseworkers. If you think you might have an eligible youth on your caseload, or need help determining who your liaison is, please contact Mandi Breen.


As a caseworker, we need you to make sure we have the most updated contact information for a youth, but we also depend on you to work with the youth directly to finish the survey. This can mean having youth fill out a paper survey during a home visit, or setting up a phone appointment with us for a time the youth will be with you. This is especially important with more stubborn or hard to find youth.


This year we're surveying 19-year-olds. Here are the main rules about who is eligible:

  1. The youth must have taken the survey when they turned 17 in an out-of-home placement.

  2. The youth must turn 19 between October 1, 2021 and September 30, 2022.

  3. A youth has six months to participate, depending on their birthday (those with birthdays between October and March must participate in that six month period; and those with birthdays between April and September must participate in that six month period.

  4. All youth receive a $30 gift card  


Whether you're one of our designated liaisons or a staff member working directly with one of our eligible youth, we always appreciate any updates you can give us. That could be new contact information, an update about a youth's status (e.g. AWOL, discharged), or confirming that you've given us all the info you have. No matter how unimportant the information may seem, it can make a big difference for this project.


Click this link to send us your updates.

  •  Scan or take photos of it and email it to

  • Fax it to (518) 442-5732

  • Contact us and request a prepaid envelope be sent to you

  • Mail it to:

         The Center for Human Services Research

         Attention: Mandi Breen

         135 Western Avenue

         Albany, NY 12222